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Welcome to Witty Little Knits! This blog is dedicated to all knitted things inspired by Doctor Who. Be it your 4th Doctor scarf, Dalek plushie, or TARDIS Kindle cozy, submit it here! Please use tags "Doctor Who knitting" and/ "Doctor Who knits" so I can find your creations! My personal blog is thesuzieblue.tumblr.com- feel free to follow!

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It’s Yarn Delivery Day! The five large skeins of green yarn are for a commission, the 5 blue are for a Tardis scarf, the two red in the bottom right are to finish Amy Pond’s Vampires of Venice scarf, and the reddish-brown and dark grey skeins near the middle are the rest of what I needed for my next 4th Doctor scarf (the green, burgundy, gold, red, and tan around it are what I already had for it). Time to get knitting!


So the fact that Osgood had the Fourth Doctor’s scarf was very cute. Or at least it would have been, if it were the same scarf. Which it’s not.

Because the 4th Doctor’s scarf was very clearly in garter stitch


Whereas the scarf that Osgood is wearing is in stockinette stitch.


Don’t mess with a knitter over stitch patterns okay. I WAS UPSET ABOUT THIS.

The Whovian in me wants to call it a minor flaw, but the knitter in me just can’t let this go! I wonder why they decided to do this…?


it’s late, and i’m going through the tons of photos i have taken of my daughter because her birthday is next month, and im getting all emotional lol

this is charlotte as doctor who

How adorable! And such a great scarf!

(via x-cupcakegeisha)


… Realizing a long knitting project is very nearly complete. 

Words of wisdom for Witty Knitters!
I dug up this shot of the Rose Tyler gloves I made a while back. This one shows the seed-stitching on the backs of the gloves; one of my favorite things about them!

Progress on my Amy Pond VoV/VatD scarf! Sorry for the poor quality; red causes a lot of bloom on my cell camera.

Bonus points if you knew it was the Doctor Who scarf before you saw the tag.  

Ain’t it the truth!? ^_~


Well, this is my TARDIS beanie that I finished last night.!
Pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tardis-beanie

Ooh, I love this!

(Source: sharon-valerii, via knittingandcrochet)


Progress on my VoV/VatD scarf!

Oh my gosh, you guys, Frost Flowers is such a beautiful lace pattern.


I am only on row 7 but I can see the pattern starting to form and I just


(also, I’m only on row 7 because I had to do the 2” border of 2x2 rib TWICE because I’m an idiot)